To be resilient and sustainable IDEAN sectors require density as a prerequisite of urban cultures to unfold. Compactness and proximity secures an efficient organisation of resources and services. Resourceful water mains, public transport lines, and roads all call for a smart arrangement and central coordination. In spite of that, IDEAN density is also aimed at promoting a cultural intensity or ‚thickness‘ as a precondition for communication, innovation, and evelopment. As a result of both the above dimensions, infrastructure, and culture, IDEAN promotes optimal population densities between 50 and 500 people per hectare. These numbers correspond to successful examples. Paris, Vienna, Manhattan, Macau, and many Indian Cities feature densities from 250 p/ha to 500 p/ha. Nonetheless, the figures are only a general guide. Optimal densities need to be correlated with other social, economic, cultural, and environmental parameters of the local context.