In times of global change and resource depletion, indicators for quality of life and happiness are becoming more important than measurements of income and economic growth. They become key pointers for good neighbourhoods. Along with the Quality of Life Research Unit at the University of Montreal, IDEAN considers a concept of quality of life that addresses three essential dimensions: ‘Being, Becoming and Belonging’. Being relates to the ability of residents to realise their basic needs and services. Belonging addresses the capacity of people to engage in social relations. Becoming refers to the aptitude of opportunities for learning and development. The model of happiness is more elusive but just as important. It refers to a state of wellbeing that relates to social, mental, and physical factors. While happiness is difficult to conceptualise, most people will be able to convey whether they feel happy or not. Consequently IDEAN puts an emphasis on the bottom-up perspective by letting the quality of a neighbourhood be assessed by the residents and users of a specific place.