The high quality of life in Ideal Sectors is supported by a system of integrated infrastructure embedded at multiple scales. Infrastructure, such as highways, public transport systems, water mains, power lines, and communication systems' is the hardware of an urban system. It organises flows of people, material, or information from one location to another and provides spaces for meeting and exchange. IDEAN‘s infrastructure promotes principles of integration, accessibility, human scale, and security. Integration occurs as a nested strategy at multiple scales: urban systems link to the region, the veins and arteries of new neighbourhoods link up to city level structures, building systems connect to the neighbourhood systems, etc. Furthermore, wherever appropriate, IDEAN‘s infrastructures mix multiple modes: water bodies combine with ecosystems and community spaces, urban streets make various modes of mobility available (walking, biking, public transportation, automobile), and economic, ecological, and social opportunities are blended. A special consideration is given to transit points mediating from one mode to another.